Customs House Tower clock – 105 anniversary

Customs House tower aerial view, with State Street bldgs, Boston, MA

While the tower was completed in 1915, the clock was not started until noon on April 6, 1916. Built by the Howard Clock Co., it has a 9 foot pendulum.   Stats:  22 ft diameter face,  3 ft glass numbers,  hands 11 & 14 feet long. The concept – building a deco tower on top of a greek temple – is audacious.  As a landmark, it is brilliant; easily identified from all parts of the city, making a distinctive motif for Boston.  This aerial view is from a helicopter.

An archival photo from 1913 captures the first stage of construction.  Probably taken from the Four & Grain Exchange.  The tower design is by Peabody & Stearns, 1913-1915.  The original Customs House, a granite temple, was designed by Ammi Young, 1847.


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