Boston Massacre woodcut by Paul Revere

March 5, 1770. A snowy evening. A musket shot is fired. More shooting follows, killing five. This woodcut image by Paul Revere.

Boston Massacre – March 5, 1770 – photo

Old State House, snow © Steve Dunwell

Old State House, snow © Steve Dunwell

A snowy evening, March 5, 1770. Here on King Street, now called State Street. Rowdy Patriot mob + squad of British soldiers. Short skirmish and surprising gunfire leaves 5 dead.

Boston Massacre site photo

Boston Massacre siteOn March 5, 1770, troops occupying Boston to enforce the new British taxes fired into a mob of about sixty rowdy Bostonians, wounding eight and killing five. This circle marks the spot of the Boston Massacre, just in front of the Old State House. Crispus Attucks, an African-american, was among the first to die.

Granary Burying Ground photo

Granary Burying Ground, Boston, MAThe Old Granary Granary contains the earliest casualties of rebellion.  Victims of the Boston Massacre and the Battle of Bunker Hill lie here, alongside Paul Revere, John Hancock, Samuel Adams and James Otis.