Harvard SEAS Science and Engineering

The Paulson Center for Science, Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) at Harvard University anchors the new Allston campus, just west of the Stadium and the Business School. Architect Stefan Behnisch has designed a wonderful new temple to Science, with a complex program of energy saving innovations. This photo, taken with a drone at about 125 feet above ground, shows the building at twilight. Very few students are using it now, and some motion-activated lights are off. They say it will be occupied in the Fall of 2021. Landscape design by Stephen Stimson Studio. This image is part of coverage for Harvard Magazine.  Construction is by Turner.  Known as SEC (Science Engineering Complex), the building is LEED Platinum, for its energy-conserving design.

Harvard SEAS engineering school

Harvard SEAS engineering school, Allson, MA. (Stefan Behnisch = architect)

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