Old Ironsides battle image

USS Constitution vs HMS GuerriereOn August 19, 1812, the frigate USS Constitution engaged the British ship HMS Guerriere in a sea battle off Halifax, NS. Constitution overpowered Guerriere in a decisive victory. This is where the “Old Ironsides” nickname was born.

USS Constitution freedom photo

Constitution, with sails, Boston

Constitution, with sails, Boston

Feb 20, 1815 – decisive battle between USS Constitution and two British ships: Cyane and Levant. Victory for Constitution, her last major battle during the War of 1812.

USS Constitution stamp

USS Constitution stamp

USS Constitution stamp

Old Ironsides is now in drydock for repairs, so no “turnaround” this weekend July 4th.  This Commemorative stamp is from 2012, on the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.

USS Constitution to drydock photo

USS Constitution, Charlestown, Boston, MAUSS Constitution prepares to enter the drydock, at 12:30AM May 20. The booms are off, the cannons are off, much of the rigging has been removed, and the ship floats much higher than usual.

USS Constitution Freedom Trail photo

Constitution, with sails, Boston

Constitution, with sails, Boston

USS Constitution, with sails up, during the commemoration of the battle with Guerriere, August, 1812. Constitution will go into drydock this winter, for two years of restoration work.

Old Ironsides Freedom Trail photo

USS Constitution guns, snow, Charlestown, MA © Steve Dunwell

Deck cannons of “USS Constitution”, with snow. “Old Ironsides” carried several types of cannons. The 24-pound long guns had a range of 1200 yards.

Bunker Hill monument aerial photo

Aerial photograph looking over the Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, towards Boston, MA. The USS Constitution is at left. The famous battle took place June 17, 1775, on Breed’s Hill, on the right side of this photo.

Copps Hill Burying Ground photo

Copps Hill tombstoneTombstone of William Hough, 1714. Copp’s Hill, the Town’s second burying ground, was established in 1659 on a hill named for shoemaker William Copp. The site soon rivaled the Common as a public venue, hosting such spectacles as the 1704 execution of seven pirates. Cannons mounted near here shelled Charlestown during the Battle of Bunker Hill, 1775.

USS Constitution turn-around July 4th photo

USS Constitution turn-around on July 4th. Tugboats pull the ship out every year on Independence Day and turn her around to equalize weathering. Boston Towboat donates their tugboat time and charges $1 for service.

Mass. State House painting, Freedom Trail

Designed by Charles Bulfinch. Cornerstone laid on July 4, 1795, with Paul Revere and Gov. Sam Adams presiding. This view is from a banjo clock, ca. 1870. Painted on glass, it shows the view from the Boston Common.  The original dome was copper, from Revere’s workshop.